Finding a Chess Teacher


Finding the right chess teacher can really help your game! Some teachers give lessons in person or online.

How do you find the right chess teacher?

Well, temperament matters a lot: you have to find someone that you respect and can work with. Next is a question of specialty. Some teachers specialize in tournament preparation, or working with beginners or school-age students. Some specialize in particular lines or styles of play.

Of course finances are also a factor. Like tennis or music lessons, chess lessons vary anywhere from $20 to over $200 per hour! Sometimes you can get a group lesson (often for two or four students), or get a lesson by mail. Teachers charge a lower fee for lessons given online, because they don’t have to travel. Besides, many clubs have sponsored courses of several lessons for larger groups. Look for these groupe alternatives.

The rating

The rating of the teacher makes a big difference. But just as in any other subject, teaching is a separate skill. There are some good teachers who are rated between 2200 and 2400.

Beginners can get good lessons from anyone rated 1600 and above. Although once you reach 1400 or so you’ll want to look for a higher-rated teacher.

There are also chess books, magazines, and videos. They are available for students who want to improve on their own. Some websites also offer course material. If you are a parent of young chess player be sure to check our useful tips article before choosing the right option.

Search locally

You can find local chess teachers through schools, or recommendations. Local chess clubs and online chess clubs are also a possible alternative. Sometimes national organizations such as the US Chess Federation is good starting point. We suggest you check several of these sources.

If you are looking for a teacher for yourself, the online servers are the fastest and easiest place to start.

Many of the online teachers also give in person lessons.

If you are looking for someone to teach your child, you might also call your local high schools. See if they have a chess club. The club’s advisor or the parents can often direct you to local teachers or local clubs. The clubs may keep a list of teachers, or they will advertise there.

The online option

You can verify a teacher’s rating by checking with the national organization. Check them, many have member databases available online.

However, remember that rating isn’t the only factor to consider. You will want to take into account teaching skills, temperament, and cost as well.

Online lesson don’t work for everyone. But can be a wonderful convenience for both teacher and student. And they can increase the number of teachers available to you.

Many times the online classes are combined with Skype sessions. So that the student and teacher can look at the board, and talking online. If you are seeking lessons for an adult, or child, comfortable with computers, this is an option worth considering.

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